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Is the bank trying to take your home through foreclosure?

We Can Stop The Foreclosure RIGHT NOW.. Today!

Stop foreclosure! Sell your house to us! We buy properties in foreclosure from people just like you. Don’t procrastinate or the bank will ask for the keys to your home without you getting anything in return.

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Foreclosure Prevention - Take The 1st Step Now!

Fill out the short form below and we will call you to schedule a short meeting with you. This could be the meeting that sets you free & opens up a brand new chapter in your life. Go ahead fill in the form below and click submit, you will be glad you did.
We deal with the bank and take care of everything for you.

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We Can Help!

“I can’t make my mortgage payment and the bank wants to foreclose on my home.”

We pay cash for houses and can close in just 3 days. Your bank may not be working with you, but when we show them that we have cash and are ready to close on the house they usually postpone the foreclosure sale so you can get cash to move and start fresh. 

“My bank will not work with me and I just want to walk away from this house.”

We hear this all the time. Why not save your credit from a foreclosure and get cash to move on with your new life?

“I have to sell my house in just days and my home has major problems.”

That is okay with us. We can pay cash for your house. Mold, leaky roofs, termites, tornadoes, flood damaged home, structural issues are all okay with us. Wouldn’t you rather get something than nothing for your house in foreclosure?

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We Can Buy Your House in 7 Days or Less!


What folks are saying about Green REO!

Green Real Estate Office is your trusted Tennessee & US Property Buyer!  We will go above and beyond to deliver Turn-key Property Buying and House Rental Experiences to our clients in Nashville, TN and throughout the US! Give Wendy a call today and she’ll get you. taken care of! 615-826-7000 

They really bought my house as is, I had to do NO repairs at all. I was able to receive cash within 48 hours! By the list of local rentals they provided I found a new place to live. It was really just that simple and completely hassle free! Thanks so much!!!
B. Jones
Absolutely NO money out of pocket for them to buy my house. I was unable to do any repairs and they still bought my house AS IS. I received cash in hand within 24 hours! I felt that I needed to sell and wasn’t sure exactly what I needed to do. We discussed a few options and I chose the on that really worked for me. It was quick, simple and easy!!
Steve S.
The bank would not help us at all, but YOU did! We felt we had no options to ever be able to own a home. We stopped by just to try once more and Green Real Estate made our dream come true! The home we have was made just for us. You all made it quick and easy. If you are looking for home these are the folks you must go see.
Michael and Sharon Gowing
We were able to get our first home through Green Real Estate. It was so unbelievably simple, quick and easy!! They walked us through every step and explained every detail. If you are looking for a home Green Real Estate is where you need to go. They are honest, caring and down to earth folks that will get you what you need. Thanks again Green Real Estate!
Marco Cruz
The process of buying my beautiful home was super simple and fast. They helped me get exactly what I wanted with no hidden fees. If you are looking for a home, these are the folks that you must go see. They will take time with you and explain everything. I will recommend all of my family and friends to you. Thank you again Green Office for my beautiful made for me home!
Melva Menjivar
They bought my house AS IS with no questions. They paid ALL of our closing cost! We got to pick the day we moved and the day we received our CASH! Thanks for making our move really easy.
Daniel P.
We tried to work with two other home buying companies, however it was very difficult with them. I called the Green Real Estate Office and it was simple, easy and NO hassle. We didn’t even have to clean up anything, we just took what we wanted and left the rest. We would highly recommend them!
Peter C.
ABSOLUTELY NO money out of my pocket for repairs! They bought my house AS IS, which enabled us to get another home. It was super simple! They took care of everything! They were great to work with!!
Angela L.
I NEEDED to sell my house. We were in the middle of a pandemic and wasn’t sure what I could do. The folks at Green Real Estate Office bought my house with no contact. They made this process simple, quick, and easy! Perfect 10 for me!!
Barbara C.
On a scale from 1-10, I give these folks a 20!!! They made getting a home fun, extremely simple, and fast!! I will recommend everyone I know to go the Green Real Estate Office in LaVergne to get a home!!
Cora Fleming
You have to give the people at Green Real Estate Office a chance to help you. If you need to buy, sell, or need credit repair these are the folks you need!! They were able to help me before I lost everything!
Herbert J.

Get a FREE, confidential, no obligation meeting...

We Can Buy Your House in 7 Days or Less!